Smoke detection

A smoke detector is a device that senses smoke and emits an audible or visual alarm. It consists of two basic components; a sensor that detects the smoke and a alarm that notifies people about the possibility of a fire. The device may be powered by a battery or a home's electrical system. Smoke detectors are of two types; photoelectric detectors and ionization detectors. Both types of smoke detectors are effective in detecting smoke and setting off an alarm. Smoke detectors can also be set off due to some factors other than fire, such as humidity and steam which can lead to condensation on the circuit board and sensor, triggering the alarm.

Fire safety

The destruction caused by fire could be enormous. In fact at times when it catches flammable substances it becomes almost impossible to control the fire.

Fire destroys a lot of property and almost anything that comes across its way. With the passage of time man has learned how to face his problems. Today, one can easily counter a minor fire

Gas leakage