Automated Barriers

Automated barriers are a kind of entry barriers which are used for securing premises. They are used for residential, industrial and commercial purposes to control and manage vehicles as well as access of certain areas to people. Automated barriers are useful and efficient and provide security against intruders. They come with several control and monitoring options as well as a hydraulic lock to keep the barrier open or closed. Automated barriers have a wide variety of applications, ranging from shopping malls, schools and colleges, to residential and commercial car parking.

Security Management System

Security Management System provides real time monitoring in all areas where cameras are located. The system automatically starts recording when any movement is detected by the cameras. It has a single point monitoring for multi acre campus which is invaluable for video surveillance.


GPON which stands for Gigabit Passive Optical Network is a type of passive optical network. This short-haul network of fiber-optic cable is used for high bandwidth multi-play application. GPON is used for Internet access, Wi-Fi hotspots, video conferencing, IPTV and online gaming. The advantages of GPON are higher bandwidth, higher split ratio which allows better CAPEX utilization, and better efficiencies.

Home Automation

The automation and control of the home and all household activities to simplify a person's life is known as home automation. Home automation can make enhance quality of life and make it more efficient. Through home automation one can control the lighting, alarms, household electronic devices, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) and windows and doors remotely. Through connectivity with smartphones and tablets, automation of homes has become simpler and efficient.

Smoke Detection

A smoke detector is a device that senses smoke and emits an audible or visual alarm. It consists of two basic components; a sensor that detects the smoke and a alarm that notifies people about the possibility of a fire. The device may be powered by a battery or a home's electrical system. Smoke detectors are of two types; photoelectric detectors and ionization detectors. Both types of smoke detectors are effective in detecting smoke and setting off an alarm. Smoke detectors can also be set off due to some factors other than fire, such as humidity and steam which can lead to condensation on the circuit board and sensor, triggering the alarm.

Prepaid Smart Metering

A smart meter is an energy meter that allows the consumer to observe how much energy (electricity or gas) they are using. A smart meter directly sends all readings to the energy company who compute the bills accordingly. Smart meters are accurate and reliable and allow consumer to track how much electricity or gas they are using. This in turn helps consumers to manage their energy bills and save energy. Prepaid smart meters allow consumers to make prepayments on their bills. Moreover customers can top up their meters through various modes, such as by phone or online.