Prepaid Smart Metering

RF smart card

  1. Advanced contact-less encrypted RF card technology.
  2. Charging the meter with credit revenue through smart card.
  3. The loaded revenue decrements based on the rate of electricity at that time (Currency. X / unit), which may change from time to time.
  4. Provides visible and audible alarm to the user when the credit.
  5. Balance falls to a particular value at the meter as well as at the remote display unit.
  6. Secured transactions, bill and report generation.

Centralized Control

  1. Central local server connected to meters (Wired / wireless).
  2. Charging at central place (cash/cheque/online).
  3. SMS alert and email at recharge with new balance.
  4. Auto revert SMS to know balance.
  5. Alert at low and extremely low balance.
  6. Web access for consumption and usage history.
  7. Separate load setting for indivisual house.
  8. Tariff, Recharge stored in meter.
  9. Data backup to alternate server.
  • Meter reading, Bill preparation, Distribution and collection of payments takes a considerable amount of time and effort by the utility; which can be eliminated by prepayment metering. Consumers find it very convenient to buy electricity using prepayment metering system. Preventing large unexpected bills.
  • The information of energy usage in terms of money is a powerful tool to budget and control the electricity consumption.
  • This involves the consumer continuously in managing their electricity usage and helps to conserve the energy.
  • Consumers are responsible for load management and planning their consumption through information available.
  • Inbuilt Isolator for Disconnection.
  • Tamper Proof.
  • Option for Water and Gas.
  • Intelligent meter.
  • Optional Remote In home display.
  • Web access for balance and reporting.
  • SMS alert.
  • Automatic Bill and Email generation.
  • Works on smart card.
  • Integration with ERP.
  • No manpower required.
  • DG load setting.
  • Balance available on meter display.
  • Online recharging.
  • Integration with energy management system.