Pre paid metering

A smart meter is an energy meter that allows the consumer to observe how much energy (electricity or gas) they are using. A smart meter directly sends all readings to the energy company who compute the bills accordingly. Smart meters are accurate and reliable and allow consumer to track how much electricity or gas they are using. This in turn helps consumers to manage their energy bills and save energy. Prepaid smart meters allow consumers to make prepayments on their bills. Moreover customers can top up their meters through various modes, such as by phone or online.

Bulletin board

  1. Menu system
  2. One or more message bases
  3. Usage auditing capabilities
  4. Advertisement and information's
  5. Networked message board & many more usage

Smart TV

  1. Interactive on-demand media
  2. Personalized communications
  3. Social networking features
  4. Box movies etc.


Weather information

Electrical appliances